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Usell Reviews

There was a time when used phones had very little value, because the phones were tied to individual cell phone providers, and they could not be transferred. However, now there is an enormous market worldwide for used cell phones, particularly smart phones. If you have recently upgraded your cell phone, then it may be worth taking a look at some of the Usell reviews.

What Is Usell?

This is a company that specializes in buying and selling used cell phones, smart phones, and tablets. If you have a used iPhone, even if it is a few years old, it can actually be worth a lot more money than you would have ever imagined. Especially when you compare the prices that Usell offers in comparison to what you would get on eBay, you can see that this is certainly a much better deal.

How Does This Program Work?

One of the things that makes this company so easy to work with and that you will see written about in many of the Usell reviews is that they take care of the whole process for you, including providing you with a shipping package that you can mail the phone in. This eliminates the need for you to specially package your phone, or go out and buy a box or padded envelope. They do it all in a matter of a week or so, from providing you with a quote, sending you the shipping materials, and then paying you directly via PayPal or check.

What Are People Saying in the Usell Reviews?

When you read these reviews, you will see just why so many people are now going with this company as a way to sell back their technology. Especially when it comes to trusting a company with a high-priced piece of equipment, you want to make sure you are working with a reputable firm.

“They gave me exactly what they said they would, sent me a free shipping kit, AND gave me fast payment! So glad I sold my iphone to them.”

–       Kristin (testimony from company website)

“I sent in my phone and in 1 week I received my money just as they said. I got the amount I was told. I would recommend this site to my family and friends”

–       Gregg (testimony from company website)

Usell is known for giving the price and sticking with it, which is not always the case with other companies. Many people have been ripped off in the past by companies who offered a lot but did not deliver.

“Quick response, called immediately and answered all my questions. Received payment right away. Highly Recommended”

–       Thad (testimony from company website)

usell reviews

Where Can You Get More Information on Selling Your Phone?

Many of these reviews mention how quickly the entire transaction was able to take place, which is obviously important if you are planning on using the funds from your sale to offset the cost of your new phone or tablet. Usell is able to give you a price immediately on your device, and once you have accepted that price, they will send you a shipping kit in the mail that you can use to send the device back to them.

One device has been accepted by Usell, they will then alert you that the device has been received, and they will pay you immediately via PayPal or you can have a check in your hands within the week. In any case, this is a very simple and quick transaction.

Is Usell Right for You?

If you deal with the wrong company, you could end up losing everything or getting very little money for your device. It is important therefore that you choose a company that you can trust and that has provided others with high quality service. According to the Usell reviews, this company offers the easiest way for you to sell your device and make sure that you get the highest price possible.


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We Buy Mobile Review

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Swappa.com Review

Today, there are so many high technology gadgets revolving around the globe.  Wherever you are, you will be overwhelmed by stores selling phones, tablets, and other high technology gadgets.  This is happening because there are so many consumers that are buying new phones every minute.  It ranges from very young children up to those old people who can still see.

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Maxback Review

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SellCell.com Review

Way back in history, form of communication are through trees, leaves, and stones.  Through time communication was through paper and pens.  Then a telephone was invented to make communication easier.  After some time, technology has made itself known to people through the invention of walkie-talkie, then into beepers and then cellphones.

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Gazelle Review

Do you have lots of phone and other electronic devices at your home that you don’t use?  Are they consuming much space in your cabinet?  Well, if you want to turn those high technology gadgets into cash, there is a solution to that.  You don’t have to wait for so long for those gadgets to be useful.  Check out Gazelle.

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Cash For Cell Phones

 If you have ever gone out and purchase a new cell phone, only to realize that the very same company launches a newer model within weeks, then it can be frustrating. We have all spent a lot of money on cell phones and other forms of technology, and it seems that technology changes so quickly, that you constantly need to upgrade. Therefore, there is a huge market when it comes to getting cash for cell phones, but you need to know how to go about it the right way.

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Sell My Cell Phone

 It can be a lot of fun to go out and purchase a new cell phone, but then you find yourself asking, “How can I sell my cell phone?” The truth is that a lot of people sit on their old technology, never bothering to sell it, and that is a huge waste of money. Now, you can sell your old technology back for a price that may surprise you.

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Sell Cell Phone For Cash

 There are a lot of new cell phones coming out right now, and if you are thinking about upgrading, then you may also find yourself looking to sell a cell phone for cash after you purchase a new one. More and more people are choosing to cash in on the value of their old technology, which is often much higher than they could ever have imagined.

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Sell My Phone

 After I upgraded to the latest iPhone, I knew that I could probably cash out on the old model, and decided to sell my phone online. But, because I did not have a lot of time to spend and certainly did not want to take the risk of selling my cell phone to someone locally, I chose a company called Usell to take care of the entire transaction for me.

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